flower pattern

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Bettie Page Esther Vintage-Inspired Dress with Black Lace Overlay
Bettie Page Adeline Blossom Floral Dress
Esther Williams 2-Piece Separates Carnival
Esther Williams Classic Vintage-Inspired Sheath Romance
Bettie Page 1-piece Princess Seamed Blossom Swimsuit
Esther Williams 1-piece Lily Tank Swimsuit
Bettie Page La Fiesta Top Floral
Bettie Page Monica Blossom Vintage-Inspired Floral Trousers
Bettie Page Monica Red Floral Vintage-Inspired Trousers
Bettie Page Liz Vintage-Inspired Blossom Dress Size 3X
Girlhowdy 1-piece Vintage-Inspired Floral Donna Frock
Girlhowdy Vintage-Inspired Nautical Regina Tropical 1-Piece
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